Introduction to “Chasing the Page”

Hello everyone, this blog has been set up in order to provide detailed notes and opinions on notable literary pieces. Opinions and comments are welcomed and encouraged as everyone has a different view of the content within the pieces. Alternative views not only enhance the perspective and the understanding of the reader, it also provides hidden and contextual subtleties that may have previously been overlooked. As a result of this additional understanding, the intent and meaning behind certain passages, phrases and even specific diction could be uncovered. With the help of you, the readers, this blog intends to exhibit the true meaning, alongside social and cultural relevance of each piece of literature.

The inspiration for the name “Chasing the Page” was from one of my hobbies-running.In place of running I used chasing cause it sounded more natural than running¬†through pages. I used running as the inspiration not only because it is one of my favorite past times, but rather, ¬†it is also where some of my best thoughts have come from. While on the run, I have the time to contemplate the meaning behind certain aspects of the text so I just felt that this connection is a perfect representation of both myself and the purpose of the blog-to analyze literature.


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